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These are resin cast icicles and made from a mold. If you need high quality handcrafted acrylic icicles, go to our rental section.

Individual icicles

Our single clear icicles are life-like, completely round and solid. Glue or hang in place. Cool accents for a wintry feel.

G-400 Icicle 2" 8.00
G-401 Icicle 4" 12.00
G-402 Icicle 6" 15.00
G-403 Icicle 8" 20.00
G-404 Icicle 10" 30.00
G-405 Icicle 12" 40.00
G-406 Icicle 16" 50.00


Icicle Groups

Our icicle groups resemble natural icicle formations. They are flat backed allowing them to be mounted easily against a wall, or they can be hung in the open. They come in three sizes and each have many detailed shafts.

Small Groups, 2" to 3" wide

G-410 Icicle 2-3" 20.00
G-411 Icicle Group 8" 45.00
G-412 Icicle Group 12" 65.00