Rental - Splashes & Pours

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Splashes & Pours

The best way to find a rental splash or pour is to forward a layout to us either by email or fax. We will then be able to offer you the best piece for your shoot. We have many unique pieces in stock. often, by thermoforming the models, we can match your layout from our stock. It’s the next best thing to custom. We have many colors ranging from clear and water-like to coffee color and milk.

Description Daily Rental Rate Deposit
Squirts 25.00 200.00
Small Splash 4" 60.00 400.00
Medium Splash 7" 85.00 600.00
Large Splash 10" 110.00 1000.00
Pours, up to 12" 75.00 500.00
Pours, over 12" 100.00 700.00